How to Make a Delicious But Healthy BBQ

Introduction: How to Make a Delicious But Healthy BBQ

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this is all to do with BBQ, Its a nice plate of delicious and healthy food.
There will be a new sauce i made up my self hope you enjoye it.
of course im going to have help but im the one who had the idea and the pics you'll see
are original and i done all the things in the pictures

Step 1: Ingridients

Anythingthing to do with BBQ food.
half of a lemon and 50g of butter ( for the sauce)
pepper ( any collour)

Step 2: The Food

the food is here in the picture below

Step 3: The Sauce

the sauce is easy just need lemon like i said and some butter. try not to put too much of lemon in it, and mix it after u done

Step 4: Salt and Pepper

Use the Salt and Pepper to spice the things up and to add a bit of flavour. i forgot to take a picture of salt soz

Step 5: Pepper

Just to add flavour to be honest and it looks good on the BBQ food

Step 6: The Finnish

wuhalla its done hope you enjoyed

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