Introduction: How to Make a Fancy Slide Show

Here are just a few tips to help you build a fantastic slide show using imovie :) 

Step 1:

first step.
Chose a theme. for this instructable i have chosen the theme rugby. so after you have decided on the theme go to google and select your favorite pictures then drag them to your desktop. 

Step 2:

once you have drug the photos onto your desktop, then open iMovie and click then at the top of the screen click on new project and then select your style. 

Step 3:

proceed in dragging your photos from your desktop into your i movie. there will be boxes then drag the photos into them. there should be a little green circle with a plus sign. now you may drop the photo into the box.

Step 4:

once all your photos have been inserted into your movie, you maay want to spice it up and make it more fabulous and add some music to your movie.
to get music you may purchase it on iTunes or you can go to youtube find the movie copy the url and then go to listen to youtube and copy your url into it. download and the song and it will appear in iTunes
then go back to i movie and click on the musical note and then your music will show up and then click and drag it onto your project.

Step 5:

so this is how to make a lovely slide show! hope that i helped you to excel in this talent of slide showing!! good luck!!