Introduction: How to Make a Flipbook

 I came up with this idea for a project in my animation class, and was pleased on how well it turned out. This project took a lot of time to finish but was worth all the work.

Materials: 50 small pieces of paper.
                   A pencil
                   Coloured crayons

Step 1: The Start

1: Come up with an idea of what to draw and what will happen throw out the flip book. The picture i came up with to draw was an alien, pooping skittles.

2. After you come up with your idea, drawing your first picture, on a small square paper. (make sure you have tons of little even square pieces of paper.)

Step 2: The Next Few Steps

 After having finished drawing your fist image the next few steps are the same.
1. Have a new piece of paper lay over the last image you had drawn then trace the picture, but DO NOT trace the part that will be changing.( For example: if the hand is moving in the new image do not trace the old hand move the hand in whatever way you want it to.)

Make sure to number each image in order so they don't get messed up.

Step 3: Final Details

 After finishing all the images its time to colour.
When colouring the images make sure they stay the same colour as before. If they change colours the flipbook will not turn out a good way.

Now this step is optional. You can leave the flipbook as is or colour it.
Time to watch your flip book work.