Introduction: How to Make a Generator. ( First Instructable So Be Nice).

Materials.                                                                 Tools
Two pieces of wood.                                             Hammer
One 12v DC  motor.                                                hot glue                                                            
Two CDs.
Rubber bands.
A dew nails or screws.
Card board the thick kind.
Handle. Optional.

Step 1: Step 1:0

This is very self explanatory.
Just do something like this

Thought id add all the tools so you no what you need but if your confused then just make a similar structure to the joint peace's of wood an nails  

Step 2:

Hot glue the card board to the cd then glue the other cd on the other side of the card board

Step 3:

Put your jointed cd's on the nail. Don't use screw.

Step 4:

Now attach the electric motor to the wooden board

Step 5:

It's optional to add rubber bands to the CD's it just helps with grip.

Step 6:

attach a long rubber band in-between the cds on the cardboard bit and link it to the motor

Step 7:

Just attach some wires on o he motor an turn the wheel.

Step 8:

This thing can be altered in a wind turbine to

Step 9:

Thanks for watching and good night and have a pleasant tomorrow or after noon whatever screw you.

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