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Introduction: How to Make a Hammock/swing

In this Instructable you will learn to make a portable swing, that you can turn into a hammock and vice-versa. Easy to take with you when you go out for a walk in the park or forest

Step 1: Sewing the Loops.

Cut out 10 strips of fabric (9cmx27cm).

Fold the short sides and sew with a zigzag stich, so you obtain clean sides.

The next thing you do, is folding the piece of fabric in two (long side). Then sew again with a zigzag stich. When finished, turn it inside out.

And now repeat this until you have 10 pieces.

Step 2: Sewing the Edges of the Fabric

Take a large piece of fabric (2,00m-1,50m).

Fold the long sides double, for about 3cm, pin it up and sew it.

Than take the short sides and fold them triple, so you have nice looking edges.

Make sure you let some space at one of the sides where later on the nylon will get. (See drawing)

Step 3: Attach the Loops

Sew the loops one by one at the short sides (5 on each side). To make sure it will be strong enough, sew on 2 places.

Start in the middle and make sure that they are at the same distance.

Step 4: The Nylon

Take a piece of braided nylon and put on 2 cord stoppers.

Than put the nylon in the fabric as shown in the drawing (red line) and sew a few times over the end of the nylon to make sure that it's stuck.

Step 5: The Rope

Now its time to prepare the rope that will be attached on the branch.

I took a rope from 20m and cut it in the middle. So you have 2 ropes from 10 meters, one for each side.

Than take 2 carabiners and attach them to the end of the ropes.

The last thing you have to do is making some loops which are at an equal distance from each other (I took 30cm between each loop). By doing this last thing you make sure you can hang the swing in different branches at different heights.

Step 6: How to Attach the Rope to a Tree.

Throw the rope over the branch as you cas see in the movie. When the rope is hanging over the branch, create loops in order to lowering the rope .

Step 7: Attach the Loops to the Rope.

Take the loops of the hammock together and slide them over the carabiner. Take a loop of the rope and click it with the carabiner. Do this on both sides and your hammock is ready to lie in.

(When there is no loop at the desired height you can easily create one extra.)

Step 8: Turn It Into a Swing.

Just slide the cords closer together, hold the fabric and pull on the white nylon rope.

Step 9: Step 6-8 in One Video.

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    7 years ago

    Nice work, do you happen to be on hammockforums? greets from belgium!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hello, thank you for the nice comment :). This project is an assignment for school, so I've not been on hammockforums yet.

    Kind regards!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This turned out great! I love the simple construction too. Nice work!