How to Make a Hopping Origami Frog



Introduction: How to Make a Hopping Origami Frog

these hopping frogs are fun to make, fun to play with and a great project for beginners.

Step 1: Basic Folds

First, you will hot dog fold your paper (pic. 1,) then, you will fold it to a square (pic. 2,) then, finally, you fold the bottom half of the top flap to the crease (pic. 3.)

Step 2: Diagonal Folds

Now, you unfold the top flap. You make to diagonal creases (pics. 1-4.)

Step 3: The Tricky Part

Now, this is probably the trickiest part. Both diagonal folds are unfolded and now you pinch both so does of the crease that goes through the center of these two creases (pic. 1.) and flatten it out. It should now look like a square with a triangle on top (pic. 4.)

Step 4: Square Fold

Now, fold one of the triangle flaps to the other side (pic. 1-3,) and fold a quarter of the bottom square to the middle (pics. 4-5.) Then, fold the triangle flap back over.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat step four on the other side.

Step 6: Up and Down Again

Next fold the bottom up (pic. 1,) and then down diagonally twice (pic. 2.)

Step 7: Unfold

Probably the easiest step, unfold the bottom half (pic. 1.)

Step 8: Tricky Again

Take the corners of the bottom half, (1st flap only,) and pull up and out at the same time. This should look like a sailboat (pic. 1.)

Step 9: Down and Uo

Now, fold the corners of the boat shape down (pic. 1,) and fold the triangle corners up and out of the borders of the rest of the triangle (pic. 2.)

Step 10: Up and Out Again

Pull the tips of the two shapes on the bottom half up and out of the borders without it becoming the boat shape again (pic. 1.)

Step 11: Up and Down Again ... Again

Fold the frog in half up (pic. 1,) and half of that fold down (pic. 2.)

Step 12: Finished

Flip over your frog and press gently on the back to make it jump.

Step 13: Repeat

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