Part B: Making a Mushroom Log, Transferring Mycelium Onto Grain

Introduction: Part B: Making a Mushroom Log, Transferring Mycelium Onto Grain

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Transferring grain spawn to fresh grain

Material list: Glove box, Sterilized Grain bags, Healthy spawn bags,  Sterilized Scalpel, Hydrogen Peroxide,Gas lamp or lighter, Mycelium on Agar plates, Alcohol, Surgical Gloves, Cooler,  Reptile Heater, Bag Sealer Bleach bottle.

1)Sterilizing everything
Sterilize the glove box and everything you are putting in the box with bleach solution which is 10% bleach and 90% water, spray the bleach in the air and wipe down the counter. Use alcohol to sterilize gloved hands before putting into glove box.

After sterilizing everything, put all the supplies you have gathered and put them in the box carefully.

3)Bacteria Free skin
Put on gloves. No matter how short or long the gloves are you want to put alcohol from your hands all the way to your elbow. Most contaminations in growing mushrooms come from your skin.

4)Killing Bacteria in grain
Pour 12 ml hydrogen peroxide into each bag. This will kill the bacteria but not hurt the mushrooms. Make sure you close the bag right away and while you're closing the bag you should be pushing out the air in the bag. by doing this, it wouldn't contaminate the grains.

5) Ratio of grain spawn to fresh grain
The ideal ratio is 1/10th spawn to 9/10 fresh grain any less grain spawn it may not survive.

6) Adding spawn to fresh grain 
Put the correct amount of the grain spawn into a big bag of fresh grain put the other half in another bag of fresh grain
Remember to close each back as soon as you’re done with it

7)Sealing the bag
Take out a bag one by one carefully and and seal it very good. This will help keep the mycelium from getting contaminated.
Ideas for sealing: Zip ties or bag sealer

8)Shaking and Spreading 
Break up the spawn shake them until the mycelium is mixed throughout the bags. try to avoid having the agar stuck to the top of the bag. Make sure it is buried in the grain so it has a place to grow.

Put the bags of grain carefully into the cooler with the reptile heater. You should be keeping it at 75-80 degrees.

10)The Results
If you are successful, in 10 days you will see the results. If you know you did it correctly, you should see white mycelium spreading around the grains.

movingRemove contaminated bags. how you’ll know if it is contaminated it would smell weird or have no white mycelium.

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