Introduction: How to Make a Personal Logo Using Graphic Design Tools on a Windows PC

First you may need to look at all the cool tools from Creative market. I am using Realistic Flyer Card as my background from that website as well as some of the different fonts. To find cool free things from Creative Market go on the following website, create an account and download some of the things that interest you.


Step 1: Download

Go to the Creative Market website ( and make an account. After that you click on the free goods column at the top. Once you find something you want click the blue download button. Make sure to get any cool backgrounds or fonts too!

Step 2: Starting Out

Open up your background from Creative Market in your downloads. Depending on the design you choose a few pictures may pop up. Look at each and choose the one you like the best. Look at the top of the page and choose Edit. Click copy.

Step 3: Using Publisher

Open up a Publisher or Word document. I prefer publisher, so that is what I am using. When you open up publisher instead of choosing a normal format click on more blank page styles. Then, click create a new style. For the width and height choose 8.5 inches. Next click okay. Then click on your "new page style."

Step 4: Starting Your Logo

In your Publisher Document click paste. Your background should paste into the document. Once it does make the picture as big as the margins go.

Step 5: Determining What You Want Your Logo to Be

Determine want you want your personal logo to be. It could be your initials or something you like to do. Be creative!

Step 6: Fonts

Open up your downloads and click on the font you downloaded earlier from Creative Market. It will give you two options: print or install. Click on install. Fill in your username and password. Be patient it may take a while!

Step 7: Text and Text Boxes

Once you install your font it will pop up in a separate tab. Type in your logo idea. I am using my initials, so that is how I am going to make my instructions. Copy your first initial into a text box in Publisher. Do the same for your second initial. If it allows you to access the font in your document, just type your initials into a word box on at a time.

Step 8: Final Touches

Since your initials are in separate text boxes, move them around, but make sure they are still connected somehow! Be creative and have fun!!

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