Introduction: How to Make a Simple Rig and a Double Hook

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In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a double hook and a simple fishing rig out of scrap materials. Like my last fishing instructable, this will be to celebrate 3000 views. Hope everybody enjoys this :)

Step 1: Things Needed for the Double Hook.

To make the double hook all you will need is two hooks and an elastic band.

Step 2: Making It.

Wrap it tightly around the shanks of the 2 hooks, making sure that a line could easily be threaded through both of them.

Step 3:

Here I have just added a line and wrapped it around a piece of card. If you wrap the band round tightly enough, this design should be able to hold fish up to 5 lbs or so.

Step 4: Now for the Rig.

Now I will show you how to make a simple float rig out of materials that I hope all of you would have.

Step 5: Things for the Rig.

To make this you will need: some line, ( i used 10 lb ), a swivel, a knife or pliers, some air rifle pellets some small hooks and a net float.

Step 6: The Weights.

Cut the tops off a few pellets so that you are just left with a small ring as shown.

Step 7: The Float.

Cut a small section out of the net float and make a hole big enough for the line to fit through.

Step 8: The Hook.

Tie the hook to the end of the line, slip two or three pellet rings down the line and tie them in place about 10 cm from the hook.

Step 9: The Float

Now tie the float about another 50-60 cm above the weights.

Step 10: The Swivel

Tie the swivel about 20 cm from the float and you are finished. This kind of rig works best with top feeders such as perch, pearl spots and roach.

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