How to Make a Toy T-Rex by Kyle Cullen

Introduction: How to Make a Toy T-Rex by Kyle Cullen

Here you will learn the many different steps to making a fun, hand made wooden T-rex toy!

Step 1: Assembling Your Materials

These are some of the tools and materials that you'll need to make a wooden T-Rex toy!

1. Safety goggles. (You're eyes are worth more then a toy!)

2. Pen or Sharpie

3. A scrap piece 1/8" of wood (For a template)

4. A larger piece of wood 2" thick

5. Bandsaw (Be careful!!)

6. Drill press

7. Belt Sander

8. Table Router (To round the edges.)

9. Wheels and axles

10. Wood Glue

11. Paint

Step 2: Pick a Photo of a T-Rex

The pictures above are perfect examples of the types of T-rex you should be looking for.

Step 3: Trace Your Template

For this step you want to get that scrap piece of 1/8" ply wood. Once you have cut out your printed picture, go ahead and trace it onto the thin piece of scrap wood with a sharpie. When you do this you want to make sure you "cartoonize" your toy. Make sure when you're cutting out the template on the band saw to not rush anything and to make straight cuts. Notice in the picture that there are lines drawn in pencil, those are the lines you want to try and cut first. Try not to make too many 'curve' cuts.

Step 4: Trace Your Toy

Once you've cut out your template you need to trace your toy on to the stock wood you're using! This is basically a repeat of step 3, except when you're tracing this, you want to make sure that it's the way you want it. Because this is how the toy will look from the side. Once again, be careful cutting and try not and make such drastic curves, doing this can ruin the blade on the band saw, and can ruin your toy and hurt you!

Step 5: Cut Out Your Toy

Once you have it traced, you need to cut it on the band-saw. CAREFULLY cut it out and prepare for sanding and drilling. Be very careful using the band-saw.

Step 6: Drill Holes

Before using a drill press, you want to put a scrap piece of wood down and line up the toy under the laser and make sure its going to drill where you want it too. Once you have it where you want it then simply clamp it down and get ready for drilling. Its important to make sure you're wearing safety goggles as well as clearing your shavings. If you don't clear your shavings you could burn your toy and even start a fire.

Step 7: Sand Your Block

You want to make sure you safely sand your toy. You can't have sharp edges, especially if you're going to give this to a younger family member as a gift. Simply just sand the sides and edges. It should be smooth to the touch everywhere on your toy. If there is one little rough patch, keep going. Please make sure you wear safety goggles for this step. Getting wood shavings in your eye is very painful.

Step 8: Paint Your Toy

Now that you have successfully sanded and drilled your toy, you want to paint it any cool color you want! Just make sure you have somewhere to paint and clean up easily. This leaves behind a big mess! I also recommend wearing clothes that you don't wear anymore because it does get on your clothes.

Step 9: Let It Dry

I know this sounds like a simple step, but you are going to have to add multiple coats of paint to cover the wood. This makes the toy look nicer and not as rushed. If you let it dry then paint on another coat rather than one, it looks more professional and your toy will look better.

Step 10: Assemble Your Toy

Once you have finished letting your paint dry, you can assemble your toy. When you glue the wheels in, make sure to put the glue inside of the drill hole rather than on the axle. If you put glue on the axle and then glue it in, it runs the risk of gluing your wheels and not allowing them to spin.

Step 11: Enjoy!

Once you have glued your wheels on, your toy is complete! Congratulations, after all that hard work you have a perfect working T-rex toy! Enjoy! :)

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