How to Make a Useful Duct Tape Dispenser From a Tin Can

Introduction: How to Make a Useful Duct Tape Dispenser From a Tin Can

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Well, there is hardly a man who would say, ‘I don’t think duct tape can fix that. Since, this sticky silver adhesive tape with durable fabric coating dubbed duct tape is a fix it solution for almost everything from mechanical to packaging.

Each one of us have practically used duct tape at some point in our lives. It has been used in over a million applications, some that even manufactures wouldn’t have thought feasible.

From its bloody beginning, some 70 odd years ago, to its more humorous and rarest uses today, duct tape is surely one of the more interesting inventions of mankind. From sticking dresses and suits for prom nights to saving lives of astronauts in space, duct tape has come to everyone’s aid.

Despite all the different uses of duct tape, one accessory that the tape cannot do without is the duct tape dispenser.

Over the years there have been endless types of dispensers that we have seen, some out of the factories and some made at home from ordinary household stuff. Here we will walk you through the process of making your own duct tape dispenser from tin can.

Step 1: We Will Start by Collecting the Material Required

To make a useful duct tape dispenser from a tin can we’ll need:

  • A normal sized tin can that fits inside the roll of a duct tape
  • A plywood board
  • Few assorted drywall screws
  • Saws, drills and bits

Step 2: Begin by Cutting the Board, Then Make a Hole to Allow a Can to Fit in It

The Plywood board (you can use any kind of wood) should be cut to the size large enough to accommodate a roll of duct tape. Two pieces of same size are to be cut for the top and the bottom of the tin can.

Once you have cut the board, using a band saw or maybe a hole saw, to a size that the tin can is able to fit inside it, repeat the same for the other piece off the board too.

Fit the can within specially cut plywood boards on either side. Now, conceal the holes in the boards with additional wooden planks.

Step 3: Screw the Additional Wooden Plans on Either Side

Side pieces are to be screwed in place. One to conceal the holes and second to hold the tape roll in place. For additional support, you can also screw similar planks of wood to the top and the bottom of the dispenser.

Step 4: Now Is the Time to Add a Cut-off Bar to the Dispenser

A duct tape dispenser would not fulfill its purpose without a cut-off bar to cut tape pieces to a desired length. Attach a sharp blade to the wooden cut-off bar and secure it to the dispenser towards the bottom. You can screw the bar and attach it with two magnets to hold the blade in place.

If you like your dispenser to be portable, this is where things end for you. But in case you will require to attach the dispenser to a table or a shelf, attach an extended piece of wood to the dispenser for clamping.

Step 5: Changing the Duct Tape in Dispenser?

It may seem tricky, but the task of changing tape in your newly constructed DIY duct tape dispenser is simple. Just unscrew on of the side pieces of the dispenser and pull out the can. Insert the new roll of the tape over the can and assemble it all back. Wonderful and inexpensive duct tape dispenser is ready for action.

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