Introduction: How to Make a Water-prof Match Surival Box

Hello and welcome to my second instrable. This time I will show you how to make a water-prof match survival box. Now before I go on, This instrable involves fire and very hot wax. Only attempt under close adult supervision and outside.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

For this instructable you will need...

1: Small box.

2: Tea candle (only tea candles will work).

3: Box of strike on box matches.

4: Paper towel.

5: Rubber band.

6: And the only tool you will need is scissors.

Step 2: Now Lets Go Outside

Now lets take the matches and candles outside. Frist get out a match and light the candle and wait till almost all of the wax is melted. While the wax is melting, burn five or so matches and set them aside. Ok once the wax is melted, blow out the candle and dip each in it and set them to dry on the old matches you burned to cool. Make sure that the head is covered all the way in wax.

Step 3: Assembly

Ok now that the matches are made, it is time to fill the box. Frist cut out the striking strip fold the paper towel and rubber band them to gather. Now your box is all done.

Step 4: How to Use

Now that you have finished the next step is. First go outside take one match and use the paper towel and wipe off all of the wax. Make sure that the match is completely clean than strike on the striking strip.

Ok that is all have fun and be safe.