How to Make a Wooden Toy by Thantasia

Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Toy by Thantasia

No introduction....

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

You will need:


• Band saw

• Router

• 1/4" round over bit

• 1" belt sander

• Drill press

• Proper sized drill bits


• Safety goggles

• Piece of cardstock for template

• Printer

• 2x6 stock wood (scrap wood)

• Wood glue

• Wooden axles and matching wheels

• Paint

• Spray lacquer

Step 2: Find a Picture

Find a picture of an elephant online that you desire to make into a toy. Place this picture into a word document and size it appropriately to the size you want the toy to be. Make sure you can easily tell that your picture is an elephant from the side profile, and can be easily rounded to be more childlike. For example, I removed the tusk from the pre-image because they would have required me to create a harsh edge and also complicate the project.

Step 3: Print and Trace the Image

Print out this image and trace around it giving it a more childlike look. Be sure to remove any harsh or complicated edges that could cause imperfections on your toy. After you have traced around your image cut it out and then trace it onto a piece of 1/8" plywood or MDF. This will be used as a template so that later you can replicate the toy if desired.

Step 4: Cut Out Template

After you trace your desired image onto the piece of MDF you must cut it with the bandsaw. Start off by cutting off small sections at a time and then work on the finer details.

Step 5: Trace the Image Onto Piece of Scrap Wood

Place your cut out template onto a piece of 2x6 (scrap) wood and then trace the image onto the piece of wood.

Step 6: Cut Out Using Bandsaw

After you have traced your image, use the bandsaw to cut it out onto the piece of 2x6 wood. Start off by just cutting off large parts of wood around the figure. This will make it easier to work on the fine details of the actual image.

Step 7: Sanding

Use the 1” sander in order to smooth away any unwanted edges or imperfections. If you can not get it with the belt sander I would recommend using a piece of sandpaper afterward.

Step 8: Bit Sizing

In order to use the drill press you need a bit to drill in with. If you use the wrong size bit the axles will not fit in and they will slide out, or not go in at all. Use a bit gauge to find the proper size drill bit by comparing axle size with the size of the actual bit.

Step 9: Drill Axles

Once you have found the proper bit, Place your toy with a piece of scrap wood under so not to drill through all the way. Line the laser center with where you want the axles to be. Before turning on the drill make a slight dent in the wood with the bit, this will make drilling easier.

Step 10: Route Your Toy

Use your 1/4 " round over bit on the router, route the edges of your elephant thoroughly as to not miss any edges.

Step 11: Paint Your Toy

Paint your toy to the desired color. For best results do one thin layer at a time so that it does not clump or run. Allow to fully dry

Step 12: (optional)

Use spray on lacquer to create a shiny finish on your toy. Spray from about a foot away in light coats so that it does not run. Allow this to dry.

Step 13: Glue in Axles

Place your wheel on your axle and the place a drop of glue at the end. Place your axle in the pre-drilled hole, be sure not to place it too far in or the wheel will not properly spin. Allow to dry.

Step 14: You're Finished!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work on your elephant toy! Thanks for sharing this.