How to Make an Arduino "get Off My Property" Machine




Introduction: How to Make an Arduino "get Off My Property" Machine

This instructable will show you how to make my arduino "get off my property" machine. The sole purpose of this machine is to remove objects placed on it. The video above explains this very well.

Step 1: Supplies


  • X2: 7cm * 9cm PCB's
  • Some duct tape (colored if you want it to look nice)
  • X1: 27Kg servo (other servos will work, but this is able to easily push pretty much everything you put on it)
  • X1: Arduino UNO, with battery
  • X1: breadboard
  • X1: 6v battery pack (recommended if you have a small servo, mandatory if you have a big servo like mine), (make sure your servo is capable of this voltage)
  • X1: push-button
  • Some male to male arduino connector leads (at least 10)
  • X1 10K Ohm resistor
  • Some wire (must be able to fit in a breadboard)
  • A small cardboard box (like the one in the video) (a shoebox might also work)


  • A soldering Iron
  • Wire strippers
  • Computer (capable of programing arduino)

Step 2: Building the Pressure Plate

  • Take a PCB and put the push-button in the center.
  • Solder 3 6in lengths of wire to the push-button's leads
  • Decorate the other PCB
  • Duct tape the two PCB's together (the closer they are together, the more pressure is on the button and the more sensitive it will be)
  • Pressure plate complete!

Step 3: Programming Arduino

Upload this code to your arduino UNO.

Step 4: The Circuit

Okay this circuit is actually really easy.

  • First you need to hook up your pressure plate to your arduino as shown in this link:

  • Next, connect your servo's data wire (orange or white) to digital pin 9 on the arduino
  • Then, connect your battery pack to the positive and negative wires on the servo
  • Then, connect the ground of the battery pack to the ground of the arduino
  • Then, Your done! move on to the next step!

Step 5: Prepping Your Box

  • Cut a hole on the left side of the box that is big enough to fit your pressure plate wires through
  • Cut a hole on the right side of the box that is big enough to fit your servo wires through
  • Mount your pressure plate where you cut the hole for it (I duct taped mine down)
  • Mount your servo behind the pressure plate so it is able to push things off of the pressure plate (I used Velcro and duct tape to hold it on)
  • Extend the arm of your servo (I just duct taped some extra wire on, but many other things will work)

Step 6: Finishing Up

  • Put all of your electronics in the box, then connect up the servo and pressure plate
  • Test to see if it works
  • Adjust the servo arm so that when the pressure plate is not pressed the arm is out of the way, and when it does get pressed the arm moves completely over the pressure plate
  • Adjust the pressure plate (add weight or tape the top PCB down a little more) so that when a very light object is placed on the pressure plate it will still trigger
  • Decorate your box
  • Tell someone to put something on the pressure plate and watch as the servo pushes it off

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    Funny project....

    I think there are many other application using this project.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes I will be doing another video on some of the other applications.