Introduction: How to Make an Easy Origami Heart

This step by step tutorial will show you how to make an Origmai Heart in a couple of minutes! 

Step 1: Fold and Cut

Fold the paper (like i did) then cut along the dotted line
*note: You don't have to draw dotted lines, i just did so that it would be easy to see where to fold!

Step 2: Fold and Cut: What It Looks Like

What you should get :)
Then unfold it!

Step 3: Fold the Other Way

Fold it the other way

Step 4: Fold Down the Top Half

Fold down the top corner so it reaches the center line (along the dotted line)
*I put 

Step 5: Fold the Bottom Half Up

Fold the bottom corner all the way up (along the dotted line)

Step 6: Make the First Half of Your Heart

fold the right half of your heart to the middle

Step 7: Make the Second Half of Your Heart

Do the same thing on the left 

Step 8: Flip and Fold

Flip over the heart, and fold along the dotted lines

Step 9: Fold Down the Little Tips and Turn Over

Fold down the little tips (dotted lines) and turn over your heart, I wrote a cute message on mine :)