Introduction: How to Make an Easy Password Protected Batch File

This is a VERY simple passowrd protected batch, lets say i had a batch file that would open a new text file (my_diary.txt) but didnt want people to get to it easly, i would want a password. this is an easy way to do it, you would only really need to know how to use variables...

this is the batch file code to open my txt document:

@echo off

echo %variable% > my_diary.txt

Now i want to place a password on the file, using the variable "variable".

to do so we need to tell the computer to ask for a password, and only open the file if the user types in that word, this is how you can do it (i put in the code assuming you know what the code means)

@echo off


echo Paswword:

set /p variable=

if %variable%==password goto open

if NOT %variable%== password goto fail


echo %variable% > my_diary.txt


echo Wrong password!!


goto start

the password is "password" but that can always be changed, this will keep asking for the password untill you get it right.