Introduction: How to Make Bike Stand

About: old floatable suitcase

Let's make a stand for maintaining bicycle.

Step 1: Construction Idea and Planing

Pencil and paper our best frends for sketch. Hands transfer idea from brain right to paper. Some times the result looks like imagined. Construction is simple enough, so dimensions will take "at place" with bike.

Step 2: Cutting and Bending

I cutted reinforcement stell rods, and made some "knee" bends. Leg's bases made with some iron profile. Two hooks bended with two pipes.

Step 3: Assembly and Welding

To keep geometry before welding, construction was assembled using professanal equipment: old iron table, pieces of concrete bricks and OSB.

Step 4: Glossification

I used angle grinding machine to make welding seams smooth. Cover with geen paint for rust metal. While the paint was wet, coiled color rope to prevent scrapping bike. On top of hooks and top of main rod put plastic caps, from elrctric clamps and old mop accordingly.

Step 5: Fitting

Bike fitted well. Wheel and pedals rotating free, stand is stable enough, job is done.

Step 6: Instruments and Materials

1.Angle grinder
2.Hand greender
3.Arc welding machine
4.Electrodes 3mm - 4st
5.Paint brush
6.Paint for rust metal
7.Color rope 20 m
8.Fire starter to frit rope's ends
9.Steel rods 12 mm - 2 m
10. Steel rods for hooks 8mm - 0.5 m
11.Weld seams hummer
12.Iron table or welding place
13.Two pipes for bending
14. 3-4 hours of free time