Introduction: How to Make Cool Designs in Aluminum.

This Instructable will tell you how to make a simple or complex design on a a piece of aluminum. With a hammer and a nail. The reason I made this was because this part of my wall was very plain and boring and it needed some air holes for the microwave so I made these. Really brings out the wall now.

Step 1: Getting All of the Supplies.

You will need a hammer, a nail (the size of the nail will determine the size of the hole), a board, a design you drew or got of the internet, some duct tape and a piece of aluminum (or copper).

Step 2: Time to Get Started.

First you will want to duct tape the paper to the aluminum to the board. Then you will start to hammer on the lines, either with a hard hit or soft hit this will also determine the size of the hole.

Step 3: Start to Fill It In.

You can either fill in the space or you can just make an outline your choice, here i filled it in.

Step 4: Finished!

Just keep going and you will end up with something like what I have. The other pictures are examples in copper. They are pretty complex. On the last picture it shows an example of it spray painted. If you spray paint it make sure you blow into the holes while the paint is still wet. Otherwise some of your holes would be blocked by the paint.

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