Introduction: How to Make Dubstep Sound Using Guitar Rig 5

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This an example of the sound using an ipod touch as midi controller

To start this, obviously you have to have:

* Guitar Rig (I used guitar rig 5)

* Guitar (I used Epiphone g400)

Ipad, Iphone or Ipod Touch ( Optional but  I really recommend)


Step 1: Adding the Preset

1. Well, now conect your guitar to the computer and start Guitar Rig and start a new preset , (I make the preset bassed on this video ).

2. Download the preset ( file.ngrr) Here. And insert in guitar rig as the picture show

3. Inside the preset you gonna find a Talk Wah pedal, use this pedal as you wanna, try diferent configuritations and find your own sound. The other important component that make the sound change is the LFO specially the rate , and finally the position in the split mix. This three things make your preset sound diferent.

You can also put whatever you want to make the sound better :D
And thats it ! , now you have a dubstep preset in your computer but, how to control the effects across the song?

Step 2: Configure the Ipod As Midi Controller

Midi Controller ( Ipod touch)

As I write before I recomend use a midi controller to manipulate the values of the preset , for example the talk wah, the rate, the crossfade in split mix and the general volume.

To make this, the device and the computer have to stay conected to the same wifi network.

In this case I used a Ipod touch as midi controller, to do this You gonna need:

*ixy App in your device :

*Download Loopbe1 virtual midi driver here.Install it and let it run in background (you always need to have running the program )

* Now Download DsmidiWifi Here Install it , run and select Loobpe in both ports as the picture show

-Now open the ixy app in your device

-Now open Guitar Rig and select the preset and go to options in controller click on add Controller, now click on menu and select the parameter that you want to control

- Finally click on learn and move in the app the axis that you want to control the parameter. That is all! now you have a pretty cool sound controlled by your ipod Enjoy!!!.