How to Make Juggling Balls Cheaply




Introduction: How to Make Juggling Balls Cheaply

Here's how to make juggling balls cheaply.

These balls have a great touch to play.

Step 1: What Do You Need ?

To make it you will need:

  • cling film 25cm x 25cm
  • a drinking glass
  • semolina grains
  • a cisor
  • 2 balloons

That's all.

Step 2: See First Steps

We will prepare the semolina to make a

  • Cut the square into clingfilm
  • Pour the semolina in a glass. The quantity depends of you.
  • Fold the film on the semolina to make a ball and cut the rest.

Now you have the form of your juggling ball.

Step 3: Final Steps

Now you prepare balloons for your juggling ball.

Take 2 balloons and cut to keep only the sphere part.

You need 2 balloons to package fully the ball.

Now put the semolina ball into the first balloon. It's easier with a second person. One open the balloon and the second put in the semolina ball.

Then fold your ball with the second balloon.

That's all, look the result and play.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Way cool - I am going to make some tomorrow so that I can get back into practice.