Introduction: How to Make Steam Punk Style Backpack/coustume

Today I'm doing an instructable on how to make a steam punk style backpack/coustume

Step 1: Step One: Items and Design

Items you will need:
2X shoe box's
Large stubby PVC pipe
Something to use as your chimeny or steam funnel
Black duct tape
Hot glue gun
Craft knife
Masking tape
3 types of spray paint at least the colours you will definitely need will be flat gray primer and black, the secondary colour I used was gold
Small sponge
Epoxy glue
Nerf gun or something easy to spray paint, this will be your weapon
Nylon straps
Pieces of wire, tubing and anything else from light bulbs to bolts etc etc.
First your going to need to choose your basic design I went with I high chimeny then squareish main area with a round large stubby PVC pipe on the bottom. once this is assembled tape it together with the duct tape and reinforce with hot glue and epoxy.

Step 2: Spray Painting and Adding Stuff

First your going to want to disassemble your Nerf gun(remember to picture the inside first so you know where everything goes when your put it back together) and then spray paint every thing gray and then black. After that for a worn look(don't do this if you want to make the it multiple colours).
Get your gold or copper or what ever your third colour was and spray a lot into the lid of the spray can. Then dip the sponge in and apply it to the edges for a worn look on the edges. I then for the back pack did the same on the edges and got little sticky Velcro buttons and painted them gold with the sponge to make it look like the back pack was bolted together. After that was finished I glued a bolt into the tube coming out of the back pack and put a nut on the Nerf gun so I could unscrew it when I wanted it with out a back or with. For all those random bits of wire and what not paint them what ever colour you want just Rembrandt to put primer on and when I say use anything I mean it I went round to the local recycle depot and neighbors asking if they had any old bits of hose, wires or old pumps I could have i got stuff immediately and ended up getting and electric airpump but didn't have time to reinforce the backpack for its weight or spray paint it. After spray painting every thing and touch ups, hot glue and epoxy glue the straps onto the back pack.

Step 3: Coustume

For your coustume use a plain white long sleeve button up with a black waist coat,leather boots or brown boots and cheese cutter hat, and black jeans or as a substitute blue skinny jeans. Nay questions ask below

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