How to Make the Elecgo Car

Introduction: How to Make the Elecgo Car

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In this instructable I will tell how to make a elecgo car or electronics + lego car. You will not need any soldering skills or a solder but for better results you may want one.So lets get started.

Step 1: Getting Ready

You do not have to do this part if you want just skip to part 2 make the platform and fan.  Then get the battery compartment and keep it until we have to use it.

9 volt battery
aluminum foil
masking tape

take the battery and tape the foil to the battery.See pictures

Step 2:

Next we make the front part of our car. With the battery
For this we need
2 flat lego boards
2-3 wheels
masking tape
2 by 4 block see pic
our battery with everything attached

We tape the motor to the legos and we put the wheels and battery on for more info see pictures.
pictures may have knex type lego pieces

Step 3: Troubleshooting

Now we have this set up and we can now test it. Now foil will not do the trick most of the time. The battery might actually fail powering the motor. Now I tell you to take the battery off. We can not use this when it won't work.
Here is the solution.
9 volt batteries last long but have less current then our foil reduces current even more. This will not do. Now if we were to use three or more AA batteries it would have current.
So get a battery holder and masking tape some wires to it. This fixed my problem giving me .50 current while my 9 volt gave me .20.
So if you are done with that lets get on with the electro lego car.

Step 4: Adding Wheels

Now In this part we do not use the platform we made. We work with the wheels. well If you can get your hands on these materials your ok.
two dc motors
two wheels
screws or masking tape

To do this first take the two wheels and screw or tape them to two motors.
Next we get our new battery pack. Test your motors the wheels should spin with the motors. In the pictures I use my two part motor.

Step 5: The Fan

Now do not tape the batteries to the motor.
Lets go back to our lego car. Lets think about that motor sitting there doing absolutely nothing. That is our fan it will vibrate our robot car. So lets add the fan.

masking tape
lego piece
we masking tape the piece to the motor then try it out the piece should vibrate the hole platform.
Well thats done next up :)

Step 6: More About the Wheels

Next we stop the motor by taking the battery away. Okay if you have not done the step before this (step 5) please do it now it will help when we are making the car move.
This step is when we put the wheels on on the moving robot. tape the motor to any nice flat piece. If you have two motors tape them on either side.

Now next step is to support the wheels get
a 2-3 block and add support wheels.Also another flat block. Put them together until your
wheels are supported.

Step 7: Attaching the Two

Now we connect the two platforms. Presto! We have made an improvement a small one but a good one.

Step 8: Now We Have to Do More Troubleshooting

My robot worked when retested.  It really was a nice improvement.  We really worked hard on this but their are always flaws in making something.  Now lets go straight to the point.  We have to get rid of some flaws.  

 my flaw
My wheels did not move. My robot stands still instead of moving.  Oh the wheels move but the car doesn't.
This flaw can easily be repaired.  Try putting pressure on the wheels it should move.  Now all I did was adjust the height of the platform.  Once I did that my wheels hung down.  This made it touch the ground with more force. The problem was that our wheels were not touching the ground.  Too HIGH.

Their are a million flaws which can happen if you comment I may be able to help you.

Step 9: The Battery Compartment

Now we have to attach the batteries.  This is not hard we just masking tape them to the platforms.  All we have to do is get four wires depending on the size of your legos. Now tape the wires to the ends of the battery compartment.  Then tape the compartment to the legos. 

Step 10:

Now lets add some switches.  
Making switch 1
1 a 1-2 lego piece
2 aluminum foil
3 tape
4 another 1-2 lego piece
5 2 2-3 lego pieces
I add the switch for only the fan the wheels can stay as is.
the moving lego part connects with the foil on the motor.
The battery wire is attached to foil masking taped onto the brick.  When the brick moves down the foil makes contact and our motor turns on.

Step 11: Now We Have to Do Some Furnishing Up

Okay so we have done a lot now so lets furnish up.  Do not break the wiring and perk your car up with legos.  Do it with style you know not just your regular truck.  Perk it up make it flashy.  Meaning use your legos to make it look however you like.  Make it creative.  Also add finishing lego touches.  Make a driver seat and other parts of a car.  Put a few lego men on the car.  I recommend to get a driver and a place for him to sit.  A steering wheel would also do nice. 

Step 12: Whats a Car Without Headlights

Okay so we have most of the stuff done.  The car is looking nice.  It can move with the wheels.  Also you may want to add a switch to your wheels motor.  I am sure you do not want to keep plugging a wire in and out of masking tape.  In the last step I soldered all my wires together just to keep my car straight and good looking. We also have our nice fan which gives off a good breeze.  There is one thing missing though.  Where are headlights every car should have headlights.  We can make our headlights from any light bulb but I like leds the best.  They take low energy and are small and perfect for our headlights.  So lets get started on that.

batteries I prefer button cells
masking tape

Tape the leds and batteries together then tape the leds to your car.  The leds should light up and make your headlights.  I did not tape the positive wire to my button cells.  Instead I attached the button cell to the motor which is magnetic.  Then the positive wire is pushed under the cells so the leds light up.

Tip:Use nice and bright leds
suggestion:: try your car out in the dark with its new headlights
Also for better results add a switch

Step 13:

Okay so we are done and i think the car looks nice.  If you have anything to say message me or comment on the instructable
Please follow favorite and post some feedback on the instructable. And thank you if you do.:)

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