How to Modify Average Nerf Bullets

Introduction: How to Modify Average Nerf Bullets

This experiment is fun and easy to do. Its not hazardous to your health (unlike a lot of stuff i've done) but for nerf enthusiasts out there this is a fun easy way to make better nerf bullets that last longer. As you can see the nerf bullets look a lot different than the average. These bullets will work for any CS-6 nerf gun and all handheld, i dont have the vulcan yet so you cann try it on that but no guarantees.

Step 1: Materials

OK lets start with materials:
you need:
- Average nerf bullet (streamlines work but i prefer the one in the photo at the intro page)
- Hot glue gun (and hot glue)
- wooden rounded tops (found at pretty much any hardware store and hobby shop)
- knife or something sharp and pointy
- pliers (if you need em)

Step 2: Remove the Top of the Dart

Slide your knife under the top of the dart and you cut the glue holding the top of the dart to the foam.

Step 3: Pull Off the Top of the Dart

Remove the top of the dart and pull slowly removing the top of the dart but not damaging the foam.

Step 4: Put Glue on the Top of the Dart

Carefully put glue around the top of the edge of the foam on top and add a small dollop in the hole.

Step 5: Put on Top

Insert top onto the foam and dont be afraid to get hot glue on your fingers. Then let sit for a good 2 minutes.

Step 6: THis Is It!

This is the end product, it will fire quite accurately as well as farther. But be careful and wear eye protection cause it hurts when it hits your face.

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    4 Discussions

    EVIL Ninjection

     Just as a note this MAY be a hazard to your health because the heat from the hot glue can release poisonous gases. But anyways a nice ible 5 stars!


    10 years ago on Introduction

     what is the actual difference in range and accuracy ?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Usually one of my nerf bullets fired from the longshot will go maybe 30 feet but the ones i modify go about 45 to 50 they really are wicked and be careful when they hit your face cause they hurt.