How to Move and Delete an Instructable




Introduction: How to Move and Delete an Instructable

Did you discover that your submission is in the wrong place and needs to be moved?

Here's one way to move it and then delete the wrongly-placed stuff.

Step 1: Pitfalls

Let's say you poured out your heart and soul to create what you felt was a submission beneficial not only to the Instructables people, but to the world at large: "How do I apply underarm deodorant to Pierre, my pet pit viper?" You presented this in 12 steps with numerous photos and notes.

You sit by your computer eagerly awaiting uplifting and enlightening comments from your beloved Instructable siblings. You also feel a certain urgency, considering the subject.

Well, comments do start pouring in but none of them answer your burning question. Instead, they point out that your submission was a question, not an Instructable, so you should have posted it in the Forums.

But by this time, Pierre has bitten you and you are dead. So this Instructable will tell you what to do if you had lived.

Step 2: Firefox Tabs

In Firefox open TWO Tabs, one of them the first page of your Instructable, entitled "How do I apply underarm deodrant to Pierre, my pet pit viper?". (Your Instructable may have a different title.) The second Tab open to anywhere in Instructables.

Now, in Tab1 near the upper-right click the EDIT button next to "Author Options". Now from here you will SELECT and COPY the text.
Now, in Tab2 hover over "Forums" and go down and click NEW TOPIC. Fill in your TOPIC, Keywords, Categories... and then start to PASTE the text you take from Tab1. Also, add all your pictures here.
Tab2 (FORUMS) doesn't have "Steps" so ALL of your text and pictures go on this one page. (The "Notes" you made on your pictures may transfer over without your having to re-do them.)

Don't forget, in Tab1 you will have to select/copy your text from each of your steps. You can also select/copy your witty Titles if you wish, but it's more work.

Step 3: Where Did All These Newts Come From?

When you have finished filling-in your new Forum topic then you can go back and delete the verboten Instructable. At the top of each "edit" Tab, just above your tiny pictures, there is a place where it says "delete step". Click it and the step is all gone. Do this for each step and then it's ALL gone.
Yes, there's a box at the upper left where you can click "Delete Instructable". Sure, it's quicker, but don't you want to savor each step?
Happy deleting!

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