Introduction: How to Promote Your App?

There is a misunderstanding that once the app is developed and added to IOS App Store it will become popular by itself. In fact, however, there is a fierce competition that requires developer or app marketer to invest his time and energy in to achieving success.

Step 1: Design an Attractive Icon.

An Icon is the very first thing that potential user will see. Imaginative, clean and easy to remember icon is a must in order to attract click to your app page.

When deciding about what your icon should look like do your research and see what your competitors are using. Try to pick different colors so your design will stand out and make it more visible to potential users.

It is advisable to avoid to use a text in icon design since it might be unreadable on smaller screens making it look bad.

Step 2: Title and Description.

Use your Title and Description to put your keywords in it. This way your app will have bigger chance to rank higher in search results in app store.

Make your title straight to the point. Use your app title and main keyword. For example if your app is "Carpenter" - carpentry search engine, use title like "Carpenter - search for carpenters" or "Carpenter - local carpenters search engine".

Your description should include all the information potential user might need. Use first 2-3 sentences to attract use to keep reading it. Outline all strong points and features. Remember to use keywords within the text to improve your rankings in search results.

Step 3: Use Free Tools to Improve Your Listing.

There is many free marketing tools and sources that will help you to stay up to date with current requirement and tricks to attract more publicity.

Step 4: Spread Your App for Initial Install Boost.

Promote your app on forums, to your social accounts and on the blogs.

You can contact blog owners to publish a review about your app or offer them to write an article about features you offer.

There are many forums that are focused exclusively on app marketing and developments. Most of them allow you to post link to your app in order to promote it. Just open a thread and ask users to download and test your app.

You might also contact mobile app blog owners. Offer them an article about your app in exchange for publication. This strategy often works well and will help you to deliver a lot of installs to your app.

Lastly - use your social accounts and post links to your apps. Ask your family, friends and work colleagues to download it, share with their friends and give you feedback.