Introduction: How to Run Command Prompt on a Computer That Has It Locked, and Get Into the Administrators Password

The name says it all.
This instructable will tell you how to run CMD (Command Prompt) and change the password.

Step 1: Getting the Stuff

Now you need the Application.
Go to
I recomend saving it onto a flash drive if you are doing this at school.

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Step 2: Installing Please Wait...........

Now is the "Fun" Part. Now once you downloaded the Application you need to install it. Fun Fun! NOT. Follow the wizard and if youre using the flash drive, save it on the flash drive.

Step 3: The REAL Fun Part

Alright, this is really the fun part. Now you get to use CMDP (Command Prompt Portable) to hack the password of any user. Type net user and you should get a little chart of the users. Then type net user USER"S NAMEWhere USER"S NAME is type guess what? The user's Name. You should get a long line of data like last logon, etc. You should also get a line saying type new password here type the new password there and logoff and sign in administrator, and tada. You are done.

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