How to Shoot a Basketball

Introduction: How to Shoot a Basketball

By: Julien Hill, Karell Grosvenor

This slide is to show you how to shoot a basketball

Step 1: Materials

  1. Basketball
  2. Sneakers

Step 2: Step 1: the Ball in Hands

  • You need to grab and put the ball in your hand, also make sure your body is aligned with the court.

Step 3: Step 2 : Stance

  • Now have the ball in your hands , put either one of your foot in front of the other by only about an inch.

Step 4: Step 3: Hand Position

  • Put your dominate hand on top of the ball and your other hand on the side of the ball
  • (The reason to have your dominate hand on top is to push and flick the ball/basically shooting, and your other hand on the side to control the ball and not to make it fall )

Step 5: Step 4 : Picking the Ball

  • You basically pick up the ball, at least to your head or a little higher
  • While you or picking the ball up your hand that's on top,should roll back to the bottom or close to the bottom of the ball
  • When your picking the ball, don't forget to bend your knees

Step 6: Step 5 : Jumping or Standing

  • You can either jump in the air or stand still, it's what ever feels comfortable

Step 7: Step 6 : Aim

  • Aim at the court, (The hand on the side of the ball is to make sure it is steady

Step 8: Step 7 : Flicking the Fingers

  • Flick the ball when the ball gets to where (step 5) had explained to you and push to with the same hand
  • (Now how hard you push off depends on how far you are away from the court)

Step 9: Step 8 : Celebrate

  • You just did the right way to shoot so, be happy
  • But if you don't make the shot it's okay, you won't be shooting like Kobe Bryant in the beggining, you need to practice so keep at it.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great shooting tips!

    However, in every photo you appear to be standing horizontally. Has that had a negative effect on your shooting accuracy? ;)