Introduction: How to Simulate a Sandstorm and Precautions

Sandstorms are large air masses carrying huge amounts of particles of sand, mud, clay, dust, among other components, and deposited in different places. Reduce visibility also causes serious problems in all that is in its path. Sandstorms, like other types of storms, require appropriate conditions to develop. 

Step 1: Materials

1. Acrylic
2. Wood
3. Hairdryer 
4. Sand
5. Decoration
6. Glue  

Step 2: Process

01. Assemble a box of acrylic with side hole
02. Make a base the size of the box to make it stronger
03. Waiting to dry 
04. When dry, put the sand in the box 
05. Put the sand at the same level
06. Put the decoration to fix the model
07. Put the dryer or fan in the hole
08. Turn on the hair dryer at full power
09. See how all the sand rises

Step 3: Precautions

1. Cover your nose, eyes and mouth because cause disease
2. Find a shelter
3. If you don´t found a shelter, drop to the floor face down
4. Take the time and check if the Sandstorm was completed
5. Ask for help