How to Make a Scroll!

Introduction: How to Make a Scroll!

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Good day, once again!

Right. Here's the context. You are a viking/proto-viking and you want to spread your paganistic Norse beliefs. It just so happens that you don't know how to write OR read. Darn, it would take ages to inform all of your nordic buddies about the Odin and his glory by talking. Wait. What did you say? There are traders and christian clergymen nearby? They brought paper pulp from the east? You happen to have a faber castell marker from the 20th century? Well then, you are in great luck!

Just for the fun of it, I will pretend we have a tardis and went back to the viking era. Now run to your tent and gather your supplies! We are making a scroll today.

Skill level:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 :Super uber ultra easy

Step 1: Tools and Roses

Now, as would any good norseman, we will use our broken back seax. If you want to see how that was made, check this link.


  • A4 printer paper
  • Tea
  • Glue stick


  • A knife of any sort
  • Scissoring scissors
  • Pens are sharper than swords
  • A round object like a pen

Step 2: Let Us Begin!

Right. Just take your two pieces of paper and fold from the sides about 4 or 5 centimeters. (Or 1-2 inches if you hate metric measurements)

Cut from the crease and lose the excess paper.

Now, by this point, if you have lousy neighbors like we do, you will have them throw their trash in your very small garden. Report them to the Jarl and let's get back on our craft.

Step 3: Very British, Hmmm Yes.

This is the step we will spend at the kitchen. Open up the kettle, get the tea bag and let's make some red ol' eastern drink. Now, I can hear you say:

  1. How does this have anything to do with our project
  2. Tea was first imported to Europe in the 15th century or so.

Well, ask your local eastern trades about if they have any tea, if not use dirt. If you live in the rather cosmopolitan parts of the viking village, use metal rusting; I don't know! Any dust brown or red will do.

Put the paper on a tray and use the teabag or coffee to age it. This will both color the paper and give it a worn-off look. After it is all done and set, use a hairdryer or a heatgun to dry it. You may leave it in the oven in a low temperature too.

Step 4: All Dried?

Take the glue stick and glue the two aged materials together in a parallel fashion. By this point I assume the scroll is beginning to feel like an actual scroll.

Use the sharp tools to make cuts etc. on the paper.

Twirl the paper with a pen from both sides.

Step 5: Finishing It Off!

Use the black marker or a quill to write scriptures onto your scroll. You don't have to make it nordic, just anything medieval would be good looking. In this case we will write about the Ragnarok in nordic runes.

You can make your characters look like the nordic runes by making uncurling solid marks and very blocky diagonal lines. After that you can draw a dragon or two on the empty places and sign your signature. Be creative and make your own ideas!

Thank you for reading! I would appreciate comments. If you make something similar make sure you send a picture too.

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