Introduction: How to Survive the Apocalypse for Haloweeners!

Hi there D.I.Y ers! Today I will be presenting an Instructable on How to survive the Apocalypse for Haloweeners!

A brief scenario
Part 1

The world has fallen into chaos. Millions of people have been 'Turned', and the remaining survivors are banding together to fight, and repel the countless hordes.
You are also one of these survivors, but unlike them, you do not know how to arm and protect yourself.
This 'ible will help you solve that very same problem!
( but hopefully without the zombie horde bit!)

Step 1: The Basics.

During the apocalypse ( or Halloween!), anything could happen!
So we intend to cater for all possible scenarios.

Step 2: A Prepared Zombie Hunter, Is a Happy Zombie Hunter!

We will now cover the bare basics of what you actually need.
They are as follows.

- A single piece Biological control suit. Think of it as the apocalypse Onesy!
- A bullet proof vest. If a bullet cannot kill you, a Gutbag certainly can't!
- A gas mask. 1. Zombies stink. 2. Why not? its the apocalypse! everyone else does!
- A pair of gloves. Handy for getting a grip on things, especially guns and zombies.

Step 3: Zombie Removal Devices.

Yay! everyone's favourite part of the end of the world. Letting loose on the brain dead.
As said before, a prepared Zombie hunter is a happy (or alive) Zombie hunter!
So, to keep yourself alive, it is best to arm yourself with sharp objects and handheld cannons.

In other words, its best to use Knives and Guns. Fun.

My personal favourite's/choices are as follows.
- A Bowie knife. Big, bold and makes a Zombie sirloin faster than you can say Apocalypse.
- A sidearm. The M1911 fits the bill perfectly. Simple, elegant, and reliable.
- An Explosive device. Asides from the next listed weapon, these are your best friends.
- Alright. I had to do it. What is your best friend in the apocalypse? Is it a book? a game? Nope. Your best friend is the M134 Minigun. An outrageously fun way to slice and dice the hordes.

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