Introduction: How to Tell Different Grenades Apart

How to tell if the grenade your holding is a "black" smoke grenade (as the armorer said) or a Naval percussion grenade (what it was).

Step 1: Step 1.

step 1. look for the words "TNT" on the side of the grenade
if the words are there, then don't try to use the grenade as a a means of concealing movement because it will explode and not produce much smoke.


Step 2: Step 2.

step 2. If the grenade says "SMOKE" and the top of the grenade is colored then it will produce a cloud of smoke that is useful in alerting everyone of your whereabouts and choking you and your fellow marines when you use them to try to "smoke" out an assailant inside a enclosed small room during training. (it is something a grunt has to learn not to do by trying it)

Step 3: Step 3.

Step 3. if someone who outranks you tells you that a black grenade that has "TNT" on the side is a smoke grenade then let him (or her) throw the first one. The outcome of percussion grenades used in a building, trenches, or any other enclosed area is disastrous.

Step 4: Overview

As always safety first, if your not in the military don't play with grenades (it is what we get payed to do).
second don't breath smoke if you do happen to have a smoke grenade (it probably will give you cancer, everything else does)
third don't play with grenades (again) but if you must then pull and drop the pin, throw the grenade. (I only say this because it happened to a new guy)
don't do anything stupid or dangerous and then say i taught you how to do it.
Last I would like to thank Ft Lewis foe building such a nice trench range for us Marines to destroy, (it was fun) and I would like to thank my fellow Marines for not blowing them selves up when we were misinformed