How to Throw a Football How to Project

Introduction: How to Throw a Football How to Project

Hi everybody Im Michael and this is Daniel and our topic is on " How to throw a football". In these steps we will explain.

Step 1: Stretch

First you start out by stretching you're arms and legs. Especially you're dominant hand and arm.

Step 2: Hand Positioning

Pick up the football and place you're fingers on the laces starting with you're index finger and work you're way down. Place you're other on the other side of the football.

Step 3: Positioning Your Body

Always face 90 degrees away from your target. depending on your dominate hand turn to that direction (left or right)

Step 4: Feet and Legs

You should position your feet and legs about 15 inches apart so you can maneuver easier.

Step 5: Leveling the Ball

When in the pocket hold the ball chest level or ear level depending on which is more comfortable.

Step 6: Wind Back

Release your non-throwing hand of the ball. Arm should be a 90 degrees angle after that.

Step 7: Throw in a Half Circular Motion

Swing your arm forward. Release the ball half way and finish with your arm continuing going down.

Step 8: Positive Thinking

Think positive. Believe in yourself and the receiver that you will make the play.

Step 9: Release

To release the ball use you fingertips to create the rotation of the ball.

Step 10: Practice

Keep practicing doing the same exact steps as we explained. We promise that you will be throwing the ball like a pro.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I appreciate the tip about thinking positive. It also helps to relax!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great tips! Throwing a football correctly is surprisingly difficult for some people to learn. Thanks for posting this!