How to Tie a Bow Tie?




Introduction: How to Tie a Bow Tie?

A very simple and clear method to tie a bow tie. Unique techniques to achieve the perfect bow tie every time. A video demonstration follows:

A printable PDF and JPEG sheet is available from:

Step 1: Begin by Adjusting the Left Tail So Its About 1 ½ Inches Longer Than the Right.

Begin by adjusting the left tail so its about 1 ½ inches longer than the right.

Step 2: Cross the Left Tail Over the Right, Under and Through to Form a Basic Knot. Tighten to Fit Snug Around the Neck.

Cross the left tail over the right, under and through to form a basic knot. Tighten to fit snug around the neck.

Step 3: While Holding the Left Tail in the Right Hand, Fold the Right Tail Over, in Half at the Point Where a Bow Shape Is Formed.

While holding the left tail in the right hand, fold the right tail over, in half at the point where a bow shape is formed.

Step 4: Place the Bow Over the Centre of the Basic Knot, Keeping Held in Place With the Right Hand.

Place the bow over the centre of the basic knot, keeping held in place with the right hand.

Step 5: With the Middle Right Finger Holding the Bow, Take the Left Tail Held in the Left Hand, and Wrap It Over the Centre of the Bows, Giving a Tug Down. Bring the Left and Right Formed Bows Together With the Right Hand.

With the middle right finger holding the bow, take the left tail held in the left hand, and wrap it over the centre of the bows, giving a tug down. Bring the left and right formed bows together with the right hand.

Step 6: Give a Tight 45 Degree Tug Upwards, While Tugging the Free Hanging Tail in the Opposite Direction, 45 Degrees Downwards. Doing This Forms a Tight Centre Knot, and Reveals a Small Gap Behind the Knot.

Give a tight 45 degree tug upwards, while tugging the free hanging tail in the opposite direction, 45 degrees downwards. Doing this forms a tight centre knot, and reveals a small gap behind the knot.

Step 7: With the Right Hand, Fold the Right Free Hanging Tail Upwards in Half Forming a Bow Shape.

With the right hand, fold the right free hanging tail upwards in half forming a bow shape.

Step 8: Push the Top Left Corner of This Bow Through the Small Gap Behind the Knot. Pull Half of This Bow Through.

Push the top left corner of this bow through the small gap behind the knot. Pull half of this bow through.

Step 9: Release Your Hands and the Basic Bow Tie Knot and Shape Should Be Formed. Use a Bit of Manipulation and Adjustment to Neaten.

Release your hands and the basic bow tie knot and shape should be formed. Use a bit of manipulation and adjustment to neaten.

Step 10: To Tighten the Knot, Pull the Top Left Bow at the Same Time As the Bottom Right Bow. Essentially Pulling Opposite Ends of Opposite Layers. Reverse This Technique to Loosen.

To tighten the knot, pull the top left bow at the same time as the bottom right bow. Essentially pulling opposite ends of opposite layers. Reverse this technique to loosen.

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