Introduction: How to Turn Kitchen Scraps Into Fresh Food With Vermiponics

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This instructable is about how to combine worm composting with hydroponics so that you can turn kitchen scraps into fresh food. When worms compost food, they produce worm castings and a liquid called wormbin leachate.

Worm castings and wormbin leachate are a rich fertilizer and when diluted and prepared correctly can be used as a nutrient solution for certain hydroponic systems.

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Step 1: Collect Your Kitchen Scraps and Feed Them to Your Worms

Step 2: Collect the Wormbin Leachate at the Bottom of Your Wormbin

Step 3: Collect the Wormbin Leachate

At this stage its best to filter the wormbin water in case anything else has fallen into the bucket.

You might also want to check the pH and EC of the solution to make sure that its suitable for your plants.

Step 4: Add the Filtered Wormbin Leachate to Your Hydroponic Setup

Our hydroponics kit uses the wicking method but there are lots of different hydroponic kits available.

To find out how to set up a wicking bed check out this instructable

Step 5: Place Your Hydroponic Kit in a Sunny Spot (and That's It!)

Place your hydroponic set up where it'll get enough sunlight and top it up with wormbin leachate whenever the wicking bed is running low.

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