How to Use a Fromm P327 Plastic Strapping Tool




Introduction: How to Use a Fromm P327 Plastic Strapping Tool

The Fromm P327 is a battery powered, friction weld combination tool. It is a strapping tool specifically for heavy weight polyester or polypropylene strapping.

Step 1: Inserting the Battery

Insert your battery. You need to clip the 18v Lithium Iron battery into place at the back of the tool so that it is locked in position.

Step 2: Adjustment Knobs

Notice two adjustment knobs on this tool: 1) Tension and 2) Weld Time

Adjust the tension by turning the tension knob clockwise to increase tension, counter clockwise to decrease tension.

The same principle applies to the weld time. Clockwise to increase weld time, counter clockwise to decrease weld time.

Step 3: Strap Size

Each tool is width-specific, based on the strap that it is suited for.

The rear guide pin determines which size strap will be used.

This particular tool is set for 16-19mm polyester or polypropylene strapping.

Step 4: Applying the Strap

Apply a strap by feeding the strap over, down the back and under returning to the starting point.

Hold the strap behind the tool with one hand and squeeze the (black) lever with the other hand, which will release the front gripper and guide pin.

Step 5: Placing the Tool Onto the Strap

Slide the tool into position lifting front and back as you would toe / heel.

Ensure that the rear guide pin has fallen into place.

Step 6: Tension Control

Use button 1 to control tension. As previously stated the tension adjustment knob will determine how much tension is applied.

Step 7: Seal

Use lever 2 (yellow lever) to control seal. This lever should be locked in the most down position.

Step 8: Removing the Tool From the Strap

Once the indicator light turns green it means that it is safe to remove the tool from the strap.  Remove the tool once it's safe.

Step 9: Tool Removal Technique

To remove the tool, squeeze the bottom lever, shift outward, heel toe the tool off of the strap.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    These instructions were super easy to follow, i had no trouble at all! Brilliant, thanks..