Introduction: How to Use a Keyword Search Using Texas Tech University Library's Online Catalogue

This is step-by-step guide that will show you how to easily find books available through one of the Texas Tech University libraries by using a keyword search on their website. If you have any issues during a search, would like to know more information, or have any questions please see a Texas Tech librarian.

Materials needed:

  • Computer with internet access
  • Topic, subject, author, or title for search

Texas Tech University Libraries:

  • Main library: 18th and Boston, Lubbock, Texas 79409-1041, Tel:(806)-742-2265
  • Southwest Collections: 15th & Detroit, Lubbock, Texas 79409-1041, Tel: (806)-742-3749
  • Architecture Library: 18th & Flint, Lubbock, Texas 79409-1041, Tel:(806)-742-8058

**Important note to reader: This is a student made guide and is not an official tutorial endorsed by Texas Tech University.However, we hope that this instruction guide will help you when using the Texas Tech University campus library.

Step 1: Go to the TTU Library Homepage

Begin by navigating to the home page of the Texas Tech library website home page by entering the URL ( into your browser or search engine

Step 2: Click the "Library Catalogue" Icon

Next, click the icon that says "Library Catalogue" that is listed on the left of the webpage underneath the "Sear Tools" column

Step 3: Navigate the Library Catalogue Webpage

After you have clicked the "library catalogue" icon, the online catalogue page will appear and should look like this.

Step 4: Choose Your "Field to Search"

To narrow your search results down or for a more specific search, choose one of the "Field to Search" options from the drop down menu. The menu gives you 9 field options. This is useful when searching for a specific author or title.

Step 5: Enter Search Keywords

Next, enter any words, names, or subjects into the search box above the "field to search" section.

**It is important to separate each word by typing "and" as if it functions like a comma in a list; this will allow for a more broad search on your topic.

Step 6: Press "Go" Button

After you have chosen your "field to search" and entered your keywords or topic, press the "go" button to find any results that match your search.

Step 7: Your Search Results Will Appear

The webpage that appears now will list all of the results matching your input search. Each book is organized by the author, format title, year published, and the call number/location of your book in one of the Texas Tech libraries. This page will also tell you how many copies of the book that the library owns and if it has been checked out or not.

Step 8: Choose Your Book

Select one of the book titles from the results page and simply click on the title that is written in blue.

*If the book is available online or electronically it will include that underneath the title on the results page.

Step 9: Decide If You Would Like to Seek Out This Book by Looking at the Descriptive Summary Page

After you have clicked the title of a book, you will be redirected to a page summarizing that book and its contents along with its citation information. If you would like to physically locate this book, you will need to record its call number.

Step 10: Recording the Call Number

The call number describes the location of the book in the library. You can find the book's call number by scrolling down to the bottom of the book's summary page. You will need to write down the line next to "Location/call no."

Step 11: Locate the Call Number From the Search Results Page

This step isn't required, but it is important to note that the call number can also be found on the far right hand side of the search results page under the "Lib/Items Location/(Call No.)" column.

Step 12: Go to the Texas Tech Library

Lastly, once you have recorded the call number in some manner whether written down, or saved on your phone etc., you will need to go to the front desk of the TTU library and ask somebody to help you locate your book in the stacks.