How to Wear Earrings You Are Allergic To!




Introduction: How to Wear Earrings You Are Allergic To!

Hi guys, it's Kash! Before I start I just want to say that I'm sorry that I haven't done an 'ible for a while, as I've been quite busy and haven't had any good ideas. But I'm back now!

So this 'ible is all about how to safely wear earrings that are made of a metal your ear is allergic to and not get a reaction. My ears are actually fine with all metals but some of my friends' aren't, and I know there are many people out there who can only wear gold or silver earrings.

Before I found out how this actually works I thought you'd have to soak the earrings in some really rare liquid for ages of something weird, but this is so quick and simple, and you will almost certainly have all the materials (not like there are many anyway!).

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the four supplies you'll need:

1. Ear antiseptic (optional - only need if the earrings are new)

2. Vaseline / Petroleum jelly

3. Q-tip / Cotton bud

4. Earrings (obviously)

Step 2: Disinfect (optional)

If your earrings are new you will need to disinfect them to get rid of any dirt or germs from the factory and store.

Put a few drops of ear antiseptic on one side of the q-tip / cotton bud and slide it along the stems of the earrings making sure to cover the whole stems.

Step 3: Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly

Now put Vaseline / Petroleum jelly on a q-tip / cotton bud and slide it along the stems of the earrings, again making sure to coat the whole areas. This acts as a coating of the metal so it doesn't cause the ear to react.

Step 4: Put on Your Earrings, and You're Finished!

Now all you need is to put on your earrings (they will feel more smooth than normal due to the jelly), and now you can wear them for however long you want!

Now you can buy any cute earrings you see, whatever metal they are, and wear them safely!

I hope this 'ible helped you! Feel free to comment, bt please keep bad words to yourself! Thank you :)

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