Introduction: How to Write a Very Beginner Song

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Hey everyone, I have decided to make an Instructables that I haven't really seen to much of, and that's songwriting Instructables! I'm going to be walking you through writing a very basic song

Step 1: The Unnoticed Trick

Most people want to write a song cause it would be cool. A rap for your friends? Maybe a romantic one for your lover? But as they sit down with a pen and paper, they realise it's much harder than it sounds. I'm not going to go TOO far into detail, but I may update this later. ANYWAYS, the secret starts with name.

Step 2: The Secret of the Name

The way lots of songwriters write, is asking questions about the name of the song. For instance in Ed Sheeran's song "Nina", he asks himself:

How old were we? - "I met you when I was a teen, but than you were one as well"

Where were we? - "When I was home up in my flat is where we used to stay"

What did we do? - "Watching a dvd, smoking illegal weed, getting high as two kites when we needed to breath, we'd use eachother air just for the people to see, we'd stay up all night like when we needed to sleep"

What was her name? - "Oh, Nina"

Step 3: Change Accordingly

This method works well with most genres, but for example some styles of rap don't rely on this as much.

Step 4: Easy Peasy

For love songs, you could use his or her name, or a special moment between you two. For pop songs and other genres you could pick almost any word or phrase. Hope this was helpful have fun with this, thanks!