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Introduction: Hunting / Skinning Knife Made Easy

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There are a lot of posts on here of skilled craftsmen making fixed blade knives from old files, saw blades, etc, but what about the novice wanting to make one knife?

This is an introductory for the novice. I bought this blade blank on eBay for about $15 or $20. All I had to do was add the handles (AKA scales). I had been making walking canes for a number of years out of Bois D'Arc (AKA Osage Orange or Hedge Apple tree). This wood is from the heart of a 4 inch limb and has been dried out for 5 years. Don't use green wood from a growing tree. It must be seasoned (stored inside a garage or somewhere to dry out) for 3 years or longer. Bois D'Arc heartwood cannot be stained, but can be polished with a buffing wheel.

You can also buy the scales on eBay at a very reasonable price made of many exotic woods, Black Indian Buffalo, deer horn, etc. Just run a search on eBay for "Knife Scales"

Cut or grind the scales down to where they are a little larger than the tang (the back part of the blade that the scales are glued onto)

Glue the scales on with Permatex 2 part 5 minute epoxy from Walmart. Cost about $4.00

Grind the handles down close to the knife tang and then start sanding. You can also buy a nice sandpaper assortment on eBay going from a very rough 80 grit up to 4000 grit, which is really fine.

Step 1: Ammendment: Grandson's Knife Project

I bought my grandson this Damascus Blade blank on eBay. The Black Buffalo scales are from India sold by an American importer on eBay. My grandson is a college student and spends a lot of time studying, so this may take a while. I think it will make a beautiful knife. The top of the scales will require no grinding, and the front of it is finished. All that is left is to pin and glue it with epoxy and then file, grind and sand the bottom and end.

Buy a blade blank and a set of scales and give it a try.

Good Luck

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I did not know that knives had designs like this. Very pretty. I am sure he will love it. Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!