Hydraulic Crane

Introduction: Hydraulic Crane

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This is a guide ti make the most awesome and powerfull crane ever made by wood. In this guide we help you step by step making the ultimate dream toy.

fasten you seatbelt because your in for a journey of your life.

Making the Jomas crane.

Created by Mads Nysom and Jonas Skov Hansen.

Step 1: Laser Cutting

First you need to cut the parts for the wood crane, so what you need is a 600 x 600 x 6 mm MDF wood plate and a laser cutter. Use the sketch to get your parts cut out of the MDF plate.

Step 2: Round Wood

To assemble all the movable joints in the crane you need to use round wood, one with a diameter of 10 mm and one with a diameter of 6 mm. Both with a lenght of approx 100mm. Cut the wood by using a saw.

Step 3: Water Hydraulic System

To bulid the water hydraulic system you need to buy to medical injectors both of 20ml, and a plastic hose with a diameter of 5mm inside and 8mm outside. The lenght is up to your own opinion.

Fill water in the injectors, remember when you press one of the pistons down the other one should push out because of the water pressure. Hose and injectors are to be glued together with a gluegun.

Step 4: Crane Assembly

If your parts are cut out right you should be able to click all the parts together easly. The carne is shown in different angles in order to help you assembly the it. Glue the parts together with wood glue, but remmember that all the movable joints are to be glued with a gluegun, and only glued on the outside surface to keep it movable.

Note: Some parts are made twice.

Let the crane stand and dry over the night before using it.

Good luck with your crane.

Step 5: How to Use

In this video you will see the crane in real action used by their designers. The crane is lifting a max. load of 6 kg.

Step 6: Electric Powered Motor

For the fun of it, you can add a electric powered motor to operate the hydraulic water system.

Step 7: Laser Cutting

To start you need a acrylic 3mm plate and a laser cutter, use the DXF files to cut the parts out.

Step 8: Electric System

You need a 9 volt battery plus the holder to it, a pushbutton, a piece of string, three cables, an electric motor on 9 volt and a soldering machine. Use the pictures as a guide to assembly.

Step 9: Assembly

To assembly all the parts you will need a glue gun, and some round wood. You need to different dimensions, one in a diameter of 6mm and one in 10mm.

Step 10: How to Use

If you done it right your electronic system should look like this picture. And as a bonus we show you how to use it, and how it works.

We hope that you will enjoy this add on kit to your crane, good luck and have fun !

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