Instructables Robot Powerbank

Introduction: Instructables Robot Powerbank

I have had this idea in my mind for some time now and have never really gotten around to doing this.

And yes, I know, The Instructables robot's body should be rotated more and I have never fixed that. So, Instructables robot, If you are reading this, please do not kick me off the site. I like Instructables. I really do!

I thought It would be cool If the Instructables robot was on a skate board.

The papercraft model Is from this Instructable and all you need to do is print it out, but instead of gluing the arms on the right way, rotate the arm 90 degrees so that the robot can relax his arm on the battery pack.

Step 1: The Powerpack!

This bit is where the robot will get his hype. Cut a hole in his side under his arm just big enough for the lipo you are using to get inside. Then cut a hole in the back big enough for the pentiometer you are using to get inside. Cut a tiny hole just under the other arm for the battery leads. I would recommend JST plugs Instead of XT30. I used a 2S 850 mah lipo from Hobbyking. Get a male and female JST and solder the black wires directly together. Solder the two red wires to the two leads of the pentiometer. Plug in the Lipo and push the connector not in use through the small hole under the arm. Then push the pentiometer through the small hole for it and push the charging cable through the hole the other connector has gone through. Glue the pentiometer in place and push the Lipo into the hole meant for it and glue the robots arm onto It. Then glue the wires coming out onto the robots arm as well.

Step 2: The Skateboard

Cut a small piece of cardboard big enough for the robot to stand on. Cut out two more wheels from the robot template and glue those on. Your robot is done! You will have to glue him to a slightly heavy thing as The Lipo unbalances him a bit. I gave Him a place of prominence on top of my hot glue station. If you liked this Instructable then check out my others.

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