Balance Scale and Graduated Cylinder

Introduction: Balance Scale and Graduated Cylinder

I Have a School Project So I Have to Make a Balance Scale and a Graduated Cylinder. for the Balance Scale You Need Two Cup That Are the Same Size, Tape That Will Hold Strong, Some Sort of String, and a Hanger From Your Closet.

Making a project for school.

Step 1: First, You Take Your Hanger and String and Tie Them Together With Your String the Same Size. If You Need to Cut It With Scissors That Is Fine. Also U Can Tape It Too.

Step 2: Make Sure the String Is in Line of the Other and Tape It to the Sides of the Cup. Do More Tape If You Need Too.

Step 3: Tape Extra Places If You Need to Tape Them to Make It Stable. Then Find a Place to Put It and Measure!

Step 4: This Is Not Step Four, But This Is the Graduated Cylinder. You Need a Bottle, Tape, Paper and Scissors.

Step 5: Step 1 Is to Cut a Piece of Paper. Not to Thin, But Not Thick. Try to Make It Straight As Possible.

Step 6: Then to Label Ml You Take a Ruler Turn It Side Ways and Every Line Is 100 Ml. Mark It With a Sharpie Until You Get to the Top.

Step 7: When You Finish Marking It Up Tape It to the The Cup. Try to Use Clear Tape.

Step 8: Use More and More Tape and Then You Are Done With the Second Project!

Step 9: Now to Test! for the Scale Go Find to Small Things. I Chose a Pencil and Little Slime.

Step 10: Drop the Pencil in One of the Cups Slowly.

Step 11: Then Drop the Slime or Anything You Have in the Other Cup Slowly.

Step 12: Measure and See Which One Is Heavier! (Mine Is the Slime).

Step 13: Next the Cylinder. Pour Some Water in the Cup. Use a Towel If You Miss!

Step 14: See How Much Water Is in It. I Pretty Sure Mine Is 200 Ml!

Step 15: Pour the Water Back in the Other Bottle and Hopefully It Works!

Step 16: Hopefully Both of Them Work Nicely! Try and Build at Home With Only a Few Things!

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    2 years ago

    Thanks, Catherine. I am looking forward to what you build next.