Introduction: I Phone Charging Base

This is my first instructables

The main focus is about design content and innovating and improving original

below is a link to the STL and full SOLIDWORKS files

below is a link to the YouTube video made of this part

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I Phone wireless charger

3D printer

Solid works

Step 1: Base

create a base that is within the size and basic shape that fits in the location of the final product

Step 2: Support Wall

Add a wall on an angle that will provide viewing angle from a person sitting or standing

Step 3: Pocket for Wireless Charging

Cut a pocket that will fit the wireless charging unit

Step 4: Fillets

Add fillets for strength and aesthetics

Step 5: Charging Cable Cut Out

Add a cut out for the charging cable

Step 6: Phone Pocket

Add a pocket to hold the phone and more fillets

Step 7: Design Flaw

At this time you have discovered a major design flaw

a phone stand that will not stand up on its own

how did this happen? there was an association with mass and weight

the 3D printing is very light ( due to being hallow) and the charging unit is heavy in comparison

how can this be fixed ? and support of weight

Step 8: New Base

A proposed solution is to increase the size of the base to eliminate the instability issue

Step 9: Rebuild

Continue adding all or the features form the previous model that worked

Step 10: Wire Channel

Due to the length of the base we had to add a longer wire channel

Step 11: Sound Improvement

sound improvement

the i phone speakers are in the bottom of the phone

by placing the phone in the pocket the sound is muffled

add sound channel to a directional horn in front for better acoustics

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