Introduction: IJDMTOY Subaru WRX/STi LED Light Bar Install (2015-up)

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Are you looking for something to add to your 2015-up Subaru WRX/STi? Add these iJDMTOY LED Light Bar on your car to bring out the rally heritage that Subaru has. These LED light bars not only look good, but also are super bright to shine the night or whatever you need getting lit.

Step 1:

First, remove the bumper. There are clips and screws holding it on the car and you will have to remove the clips and screws so remove the bumper.

Step 2:

Now,the lower bumper bumper, there is a factory screw that holds onto the vehicles frame that you'll need to remove. Located towards the bottom and indicated by the red circle.

Step 3:

Get the L-shaped metal bracket and mount it back to the same location where you removed the factory screw. Make sure the bracket faces outwards. Use the same screw to secure the bracket onto the WRX's frame. Put the screw through and bolt it in place. Make sure the screw is holding the bracket at the brackets outer corner. You can also use the long groove to the right as an indicator on where the bracket cannot pass.

Now repeat on the other side.

Step 4:

Notice that the horn is in the way. We are going to readjust this so we can fit the LED light bar in. Loosen the bolt using your fingers and a wrench. If your fingers do not fit then use pliers instead.

Step 5:

You can now loosen the bolts holding the horn arms and move the angle of the horn. The bolts are on there tightly so take two wrenches and one side twist clockwise and the other side twice counter clockwise. All you need to do is loosen in a bit to adjust the horn slightly. Once you have done that reinstall the horn.

Step 6:

Mount the Subaru WRX LED light bar in between the metal mounting brackets. Using one of the 3 holes, mount your LED light bar and secure it with screws, bolts, and washers.

Step 7:

Now install the relay wiring harness and draw the wires up to the engine bay. Watch this video on how to install this.

Step 8:

Once the LED light bar is all wired up, put back on the bumper. Make sure all of the screws and clips are used when you put it all back on. You can now also choose to either leave the mesh grill or leave it out if you want.

Step 9:

As you can see here, installing this iJDMTOY LED Light Bar on this Subaru WRX was straightforward. Not only does this make your Subaru look amazing but also brings out the natural rally style car this is designed and inspired to be.