Introduction: IKEA HACK:Stool→Umbrella Stand

This is an umbrella stand combining two stool from IKEA with using 3D printer.







・3D Printer (Up mini2)

・Impact driver


・Pipe cutter

Step 1: CUT

1.Cut the pipe leg in half.

2.Cut the wood leg.

3.Make a hole to guide where to screw.

4.Cut the seat of FROSUTA STOOL in circle with the radius of 15mm by using hole-saw.

Step 2: 3D PRINT

5.Output the part to joint the stool leg and the seat part.

Step 3: Now You Have All the Materials to Build.

・FROSUTA STOOL's seat(with hole) ×1

・MARIUS STOOL's seat ×1

・wood leg ×2

・pipe leg ×1

・cap (from MARIUS STOOL) ×1

・3d printed junction ×1


Step 4: PUT IT IN

6.Put the joint into a hole.

7.Plate the MARIUS STOOL to the joint.


9.Insert the pipe leg to the joint.

Step 5: SCREW

10.Screw the wood leg to the pipe leg.

Step 6: DONE!