INail Pro (ITE)

Introduction: INail Pro (ITE)

Main Features of iNail Pro

  • Trimming Process
  • Single Hand Operation
  • Portable and Light Weight
  • User friendly (Esp Stroke Patient)
  • Ergonomic Design (3D Printing)
  • Safe in all Aspects

Step 1: Download the STL

Step 2: Using a 3D Printer to Print the STL

3D Printer: Sindoh 3DWox1

Materials: PLA

Step 3: Bill of Materials

1) PushON-OFF Round Button 12mm Switch DS-428

2) Karbonn K Lite Powerbank - NT400 NT400 (4000mAh) Red

3) Micro Electronics Bc109C Npn Bipolar Transistor Bc109 Bc 109

4) Adjustable Infrared Proximity Switch Photoelectric Sensor NPN NO with Bracket

5) Resistor 1k ohm (50pcs) Wiring jumpers (30pcs) (M-F)

6) Nano V3.0 ATmega328P controller compatible for arduino

7) Nano CH340 USB driver with CABLE NANO 328P NANO 3.0 NANO IO Shield Expansion Board Nano Controller Terminal Adapter For Arduino

8) 300pcs 3mm 5mm Assorted Color 2-pin Diffused LED Light Emitting Diodes Set with 5 Colors Electronic Components

9) 5Pcs Cylinder Abrasive Stone Points Mounted Grinding Stone Burr 6mm Shank OD20

10) DC 6V 200RPM Mini Metal Gear Motor w/Gearwheel Model:N20 3mm Shaft Diameter

11) DYL☆DC 6V GA12-N20 Mini Micro Electronic Lock Metal Gear Motor with Gearwheel 1000RPM

12) Ready Tableware Chair Leg Pad Table Legs Rubber Feet Cushion Feet Floor Protection Pad Round Bottom Non-slip Floor Mat

13) 3D Printing Filament

14) NINDEJIN 20/55pcs Cross Recessed Head Machine Screws 304 Stainless Steel M3 M4 M5 Mushroom Round Head Screw

Step 4: Assembly of INail Pro (Mechanical and Electrical Component

Refer to Electrical Circuit for Electrical Connection

Refer to Arduino Coding for Programming

Assembled the electrical component as per the photo attached.

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