Introduction: IPhone 8 Case With Cutlery Holder

Fabric needed – make any adjustments here for your phone size.

  • Use plain calico for the cutlery pouch.
    • Cut 1 piece measuring 7cm wide X 37.5cm long (this includes a .5cm seam allowance).
    • Cut 1 piece 7cm X 6.6cm for the pouch closure flap.
  • Use leather for the phone case. If possible, obtain leather from a recycle shop. If not possible, buy leather from a fabric shop.
  • You will need one piece of leather 15cm high by 23cm long for the phone case and one piece of leather 15cm high by 16cm wide for the cutlery case.
  • Scraps of leather that measure at least:
    • 7cm X 7cm - for the pocket that holds the cutlery
    • 3.5cm X 7cm – for the corners that hold the phone
    • 2.5cm X 12 cm – for the closure tab

Step 1: Phone Tabs

  1. Cut one piece of leather 15cm X 23cm
  2. Cut a thicker piece of leather 3.5cm X 7cm. Cut this in half and then cut each piece diagonally to make the 4 triangle shapes for the corners holding the phone in place.
  3. Attach these pieces to the right hand side of the large piece of leather with a staple to make sure the leather is held in place. Sew the shorter sides of each triangle close to the outer edge.

Step 2: Card Pocket

  1. Fold over 7cm towards the centre of the leather piece and staple in place.
  2. Sew the outer edges of the leather to form a pocket for cards, etc.

Step 3: Cutlery Pocket

  1. Cut out the 7cm X 6.5cm cutlery pocket and place slightly in from the edge of the 15 X 16cm piece of leather and slightly up from the bottom edge. Make sure that the long edge of the pocket is along the 15cm edge of the main piece of leather.
  2. Place the leather piece with the cutlery pouch pocket wrong side up on top of the phone section with the right side facing up.
  3. Staple together and stitch down the centre – 8cm in from right edge.
  4. Then staple together and stitch the top edge of the card holder and cutlery section

Step 4: Cutlery Pouch

  1. Turn over a 1cm seam at one end of the calico, turn under another 1cm and stitch in place.
  2. Fold the calico in half lengthwise and check your cutlery will fit inside. Make adjustments if necessaryPin the cutlery pouch flap piece to the right side of the fabric of the long piece of calico. Straight stitch .5cm around all edges of the calico. Sew zig zag stitch around all the outside edges of the calico.
  3. Turn the pouch and the flap inside out and Iron. Turn over a small seam at the raw edge of the pouch flap piece and stitch. Create a buttonhole in the flap, then sew on a button in the relevant spot.

Step 5: Press Fastener

  1. Using the 2.5 X 12cm piece of hard leather, make a hole at one end about 2.5cm in from the edge and centre it. This will be the closure tab which incorporates the cap and socket. Place the centre of the cap post through the hole onto the socket. Hammer in place using the hammer tool.
  2. Estimate where you want to have the stud and post to close the phone case. Make a hole just above the cutlery case pocket and place the stud on the outside of the leather, the post on the inside and hammer in place. Once you have determined the length of the closure tab, stitch to to the back of the phone case.

Tip: Use cardboard under the leather when punching the holes to avoid damage to surface underneath.

Step 6: Finished Phone Case With Cutlery Pouch