IR Controlled PC Power ON and OFF and Projector Screen UP and DOWN

Introduction: IR Controlled PC Power ON and OFF and Projector Screen UP and DOWN


This is my first Instructable. I just thought I'd share something that I have made that makes my life easier. I needed a way to turn all my lounge room appliances on with my Logitech harmony remote.

The PC would not turn on via IR and also my Projector screen had an RF remote and not and IR remote.

I used a Programmable infrared 4 channel relay board from eBay to solve my problems.

This is the the board I bought.

On the board I used 3 relays.

Relay 1 I soldered to the power wire that connects to the motherboards PS pins for O"N and OFF.

Relay 2 I soldered to the UP switch inside the projector screens RF remote.

Relay 3 I soldered to the DOWN switch inside the projectors screens RF remote.

I used an old DVD drive to house all the electric components and also used the DVD drives circuit board just for the Molex connector to plug in the 12 volt power supply just to be a bit neater.

I originally intended to power the board from the PC's PSU but soon came to realize it was OFF when i needed it ON. So i used and old 12 volt power supply I found in the shed from a old modem or something. I wired that to a Molex plug to plug into the DVD drive.

Then just installed the DVD Drive into the front of my HTPC ran the power wire to the PS pins on the Motherboard and now I can used the Logitech Harmony remote for ON, OFF, UP and DOWN ACTION.

This is Awesome if your logitech remote supports activities. Now when I Press HTPC ON my projector turns on, screen comes down, Amp turns on and PC turns on  

Step 1: STEP 1

Take apart the projector screens RF remote and solder a wire onto the back of the up switch and solder a wire onto the back of the down switch.

Step 2: STEP 2

Now connect the wires to the relay board. I wanted to keep the remote intacted so i made two holes in the back of the remote and passed the wires through.

Step 3: STEP 3

Next I soldered two wires to the 12 Volt contacts on the Molex Plug on the DVD drives circuit board then connected those two wires to the power connecter on the relay board.

I only used the DVD drives circuit board for the plug. I just wanted a neat way of connecting and disconnecting power.

Step 4: STEP 4

Next I placed all the components into the DVD drive housing. I put the face back on the DVD drive and cut the tray cover to allow the IR receiver to be exposed.

Step 5: STEP 5

Lastly I soldered an old molex connector to the 12 Volt transformer  to power the components. 

Step 6: The Finished Product.

All done and works a treat.

Just a quick note. With the programmable relay board it comes with instructions and different configurations. You need to config the relay board so when a relay is activated it turns on and off not just held on. you want it to simulate a button press not holding down a button.

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