Introduction: IT Pumpkin Clown

The Clown is something different for your porch and is pretty easy to make since it doesnt involve any difficult pumpkin cutting yet looks pretty cool.

Small children can help with the painting tasks. Adults should carry out the pumkin cutting.


  • Medium sized pumpkin
  • Sponge ball for the nose (alternatively a ping pong ball thats been painted red)
  • Acrylic paints: White, Red, Orange, red, black (or red and black marker pens)
  • Cotton wool for the hair
  • hot melt glue

Step 1: Prepare the Pumpkin

Follow any online guide on how to prepare the pumpkin but the basic steps are:

1) Cut a circle in the top , this is how you will get inside the pumpkin

2) Remove the insides using a knife or small saw

3) Cut holes for the eyes and mouth (note no hole for the nose is needed). Simple triangle eyes look "clown like" along with a reasonable sized mouth

Step 2: Painting and Hair Attachment

Now its time to paint.

1) Paint the whole pumpkin with white acrylic paint. Let it dry (it only takes 20 minutes to dry usually)

2) Paint the black lines around the eyes and add the eyebrows. You can also use black marker pen

3) Paint the red lips (or red marker)

4) Take 2 large handfuls of cotton wool and pull into a cresent shapes, these needs to be glued onto the side of the pumpkin using hot melt glue. You can also use cocktail sticks to attach the cotton wool.

5) Paint the cotton wool orange. It looks best if you just paint the front of the cotton wool.

6) Attach the red nose using either hot melt glue or cocktail sticks at an angle so its secure

7) Place on porch and let your neighbours enjoy it

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