WiiTorch - First Person Gaming Projector

Introduction: WiiTorch - First Person Gaming Projector

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This instructable is for the iTorch 2, or the WiiTorch :)

I've made this WiiTorch to be a quick and easy demonstration, that you can build at home, of coming developments with the iTorch Media Sharing device.

I put this project together in one week, some very rapid prototyping :)

You will need a WiiTorch wood parts kit or access to a Laser Cutter to produce the body of the WiiTorch. Other than that you only need:

A WiiMote - 10-20$ at gamestop or a friend

Macbook - iMac - depends, just needs to be able to run MineCraft - and OSCulator which is free to download http://www.osculator.net https://minecraft.net

Optoma Pico projector, PK201 i got mine for $40


Google Chromecast - $35 at radioshack or amazon.com

and a 5v rechargeable battery from radioshack , 5-10$ wicked cheap


Step 1: Build 3D Model to Hold Parts

If you're going to try this with a different pico projector than you will first need to build a model that can house both the wii remote and your pico projector. I used Optomas pico PK201, which is very small and compact, and a sweet little projector. I was able to get mine from my friend John for 40$. You can see what he's been up to here http://www.thickandthindesigns.com/#!

So if you have a PK201 and a wii remote I've done the work for you and will hopefully have kits available soon, or post the laser files on my Facebook.com/itorch page for download.
This is the Maya model before I send it into 123D Make, which is another free program you can download from the awesome people at Autodesk.

You can also use the website to use most of the programs functions. http://www.123dapp.com

Step 2: Print Model

So, w=once you have a model for a casing to hold both your projector and wiiremote, you can import it into 123D Make, which will cut it into slices you can piece together.

This is a great prototyping alternative to 3D printing, 3D printing is AWESOME but expensive :)

Save your money for a final prototype ;) Wood is Good!

Import the model into 123D Make!

Things to watch out here for are the DIMENSIONS, Maya always uses CM so make sure you check the appropriate dimension boxes for your 3D program, and that the scales/dimensions of the 123D model match up. My model was approx. 30 cm tall. And the sheet material size I use for the laser bed is 24 in. wide by 18 in. tall. Thickness is very important! Use a caliper on your material if it isn't listed. You should always measure anyway. I used birch and it was .185 in. thick.

For the building technique select "interlocking slices"

All these dimensions should be entered into 123D for best results.

Step 3: Assemble

The pieces are all labeled and should slide together nice and easy, I used wood glue and rubber bands to secure the wood, but I didnt really need to because they were cut so tight :)

I dont have pictures of putting the pieces together, I was in a hurry to get it together to show for a presentation night at school. I will put some up soon.

Here are some photos of the WiiTorch next to a bare iTorch body.

Step 4: Play

Next we just insert all of our tech into the WiiTorch.

The Pico PK201 and Wiiremote fit in the WiiTorch body nice and snug and don't really need further restraint. I added some wedges to the front of the WiiTorch body to make sure the PK201 didn't slide out. Just to be safe :)

Setting up the chromecast is really simple and when you get it it has instructions with it. Super easy, so I won't go into it.

OSCulator is a program that picks up the wiiremote signals and translates them into mouse and keyboard triggers on the mac.

To connect the wii, simply click 'start pairing' in OSCulator, and press 1 & 2 on the remote at the same time.

Boom, that easy.

Make sure the Pitch Roll and Yaw are setup like in the photo. Other than that, you can set up the buttons to whatever key you like. I didn't use the nunchuk but you certainly could.

Then just open up any 3D game, FPS work best, and a room with some white walls, mirror your screen to the Chromecast and you're good to go! :)

hope you all enjoy. it's pretty fun!

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    7 years ago

    Hello ngaskill, you do not need a wii console. The wiimote in this case is synced to the raspberrypi via Bluetooth.


    7 years ago

    this may be the most naive question ever, but:
    do you need an actual Wii to play the game on? Or, is there a way to launch from, say, an old phone with an emulator which has compatibility with the Wiimote?